Jordan Bisanz

It was a busy year! See below for our up to date publications and preprints!


Kim MS, and JE Bisanz. 2023. Meta-organismal Metabolism in Cardiovascular Disease. Cell Host & Microbe. S1931-3128(22)00608-4

Tian S, and JE Bisanz. 2022. Making Gut Microbiomes from Scratch. Cell Host & Microbe. 30(11):1508-1509.

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Kyaw TS, M Sandy, K Trepka, JJN Goh, K Yu, V Dimassa, EN Bess, JE Bisanz* and PJ Turnbaugh*. 2022. Human gut Actinobacteria boost drug absorption by secreting P-glycoprotein ATPase inhibitors. Preprint: *Corresponding Authors

Rimal B, SL Collins, ER Rocha, MA Granda, S Solanki, N Hoque, EC Gentry, I Koo, T Yan, JE Bisanz, KW Krausz, D Desai, S Amin, JP Coleman, YM Shah, FJ Gonzalez, JP Vanden Heuvel, PC Dorrestein, EE Weinert, and AD Patterson. 2022. Bile Acids are Substrates for Amine N-Acyl Transferase Activity by Bile Salt Hydrolase. Preprint: 10.21203/

Noecker C, J Sanchez, JE Bisanz, V Escalante, M Alexancer, K Trepka, A Heinken, Y Liu, D Dodd, I Thiele, B DeFeilce, and PJ Turnbaugh. 2022. Systems biology illuminates alternative metabolic niches in the human gut microbiome. Preprint 10.1101/2022.09.19.508335.

Upadhyay V, R Suryawanshi, P Tasoff, M McCavitt-Malvido, G Kumar, V Murray, C Noecker, JE Bisanz, Y Hswen, C Ha, B Sreekumar, I. hen, S Lynch, M Ott, S Lee, and PJ Turnbaugh. 2022. Mild SARS-CoV-2 infection results in long-lasting microbiota instability. Preprint: 10.1101/2022.12.07.519508.

Jordan Bisanz

Daniela has completed the graduate student dream team. With a MSc in Computational biology and considerable experience in microbiome research, she will be digging into metagenomes to uncover the role that gut microbes play in modulating xenobiotic bioavailability!

Jordan Bisanz

It was a grueling 4 round competition of physical stamina, microbiome knowledge and coding skills, but Dean’s other twins pulled out the (t)win in the first annual Bisanz Lab Summer BBQ Throwdown. It was neck and neck to the 4th round with the final lab jeopardy question answer of “What is Akkermansia muciniphila?” being the deciding factor.

Jordan Bisanz

After many supply chain delays, the anaerobot 3000 is now online and operational. What is it you ask? It is an anaerobic chamber with a liquid handler and multiple plate readers inside for high throughput microbial phenotyping. Because culturing complex communities is hard, let the robot do it!

Jordan Bisanz

Congratulations are in order:
-Susan won oral presentation awards at the Huck Life Science Symposium and the Changing Microbiomes Symposium. She also presented her work at ASM Microbe.
-Min Soo won a poster award at the Huck Life Science Symposium and is the recipient of a Integrative Analysis of Metabolic Phenotypes (IAMP) T32 training grant. He also got married!
-Dean won a summer undergraduate research fellowship.
-Jaden has left the lab to go to teachers’ college to teach the next generation of STEM students.

Jordan Bisanz

Thanks to Ben, Min Soo, Jingcheng and Heejung for joining the lab! Visit the members page to learn more about them.

Jordan Bisanz

Do you enjoy cutting edge techniques and technology? Do you want to help build an interdisciplinary research group and great work environment? Do you enjoy space and the outdoors? We have positions available for postdoctoral fellows and graduate students! Please see the Contact page for more information or the following link at the PSU jobs site.

Jordan Bisanz

I am excited to say that I am joining the faculty of the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology in the Eberly College of Sciences at the Pennsylvania State University! I am truly privileged to have this opportunity and owe everything to my mentors and colleagues with whom I have worked with over the past 10 years. The lab will be located in the Huck Institute Life Sciences Building nestled among the scenic forests and terrain of the Appalachian Mountains. Please stay tuned as positions will be available for post-doctoral fellows, graduate students in the Biochemistry, Microbiology and Molecular Biology (BMMB) program, and a technician. Please reach out to Jordan if you would like to know more.